It’s okay to be the first

Dear people-oriented people, there’s nothing to be ashamed about wanting and enjoying being around people especially if God designed you that way. Loving to be around people does not automatically mean you need them for your happiness. It’s okay to be the first person to break down walls. It’s okay to be the first one to smile and say “Hi!”, it’s okay to be the one who posts pictures on social media. It’s okay to be the first one to initiate gatherings. It’s okay to be the most energetic person from start to finish. You are not needy of attention. It’s just that God made you to have that natural inclination, energy, and ease in being with people. Embrace that gift. It’s okay to be loving and expressive of it. Stop forcing yourself to look “reserved” and “mysterious” just for the sake of not being labeled as “extrovert” (together with all the misleading ideas it carry)

Everybody wants to be alone every now and then. We, people-oriented people, all have those moments when we hate another person’s existence. I understand, and it’s okay even if people do not know that. It’s okay for people to not have any hint that we have those moments. Just over look that false perception of being thought of as the “dependent one.”

It’s not our problem.

Who cares. Just continue spreading smiles.

Not doing what you're supposed to be doing just because you "don't feel like it" does not erase the fact that you'll still have to do that thing that you don't feel like doing. So just do it anyway.

Hindi mo kailangang mag mukhang “reserved” para ipaisip sa mga tao o taong nakakapasok sa buhay mo na “maswerte” sila dahil nabigyan sila ng isang bagay na hindi “basta basta” nabibigay sa iba. Hindi basehan ng pag-iingat sa isang bagay ang bilang ng taong pinapayagang mag-ingat ng bagay na ‘yon. Ang tiwala, kahit pa sabihin na marami kayong pinagbigyan n’on, ay tiwala parin. Walang mas mahalagang klase ng tiwala dahil wala ring mas mahalagang klase ng tao. Hindi mo kailangang mag panggap para lang ingatan ka.


May namatay na para sa'yo para bigyan ka ng halaga; 
para hindi ka na nanlilimos sakanila.